Running Around Cleveland

Red, White and Blue 26.2 – Quest for Iridium Leg Two
October 5, 2011, 11:31 pm
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I just ran Akron Marathon for a PR on my first sub 4 hour marathon last weekend and yet I was on the starting line for the Red, White and Blue 26.2 marathon 8 days later. What was I thinking? Continue reading

Akron Marathon – Quest for Iridium Leg One
September 25, 2011, 6:41 pm
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The Akron Marathon is my favorite race, but it is a hard one. Even as hard as this marathon is, I sent some high goals for myself. Goal number 1 was to finally break the Sub 4 hour barrier on a marathon. Goal number 2 was to finish this race in my quest to reach the Iridium level in Marathon Maniacs by running 4 marathons in 23 days. Continue reading

2011 Muddy Paws Trail Race

This weekend I ran the Muddy Paws 10 Miler Trail Race. This was one fun, tough and dirty race and the thunderstorms the night before made it even dirtier. The race took place in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park starting at Pine Hollow and then taking trails through Salt Run and Kendall Lake. These are some tough trails. Continue reading

2011 Smiles for Sophie 5k
July 4, 2011, 10:08 pm
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Smiles for Sophie 5k was my first 5k since December of 2008, I ran the Reindeer Run in 39:55.9. I have been training for long distance races and really had no idea what to expect from myself today with a shorter distance. I ran a 4.25 mile tempo run a couple weeks ago where the first 5k at a 7:36 pace, so I made a guess that I could do this race at a 7:30 pace. To help reach this goal I was able to enlist the help of my running friend Ryan to pace me on this race. Continue reading

2011 Park 2 Park Half Marathon

I have a goal of breaking the 2 hour mark on my half marathon time this year, but I haven’t ran an actual half marathon that wasn’t on trail or in the snow in a few years. My PR for a road half is a 2:47, but I did run the 1st half of the Cleveland Marathon in 2:00:30. I have picked up quite a bit of speed since my last half. But I need a dedicated road test to see what I can do. I was planning for that test to be the Buckeye Half in August. You would think that I would want to run the Park 2 Park Half because its course is the 2 parks I run in the most. I know every turn, hill and bump on it and the start/finish line is less than 2 miles from my house. But I have not run it since 2004. Continue reading

2011 Ridge Runner Marathon (Or How Body Glide Saved My Life)

For those of you who don’t want to read my whole report, here’s the brief overview of the 2011 Ridge Racer Marathon at the North Bend State Park in Cairo, West Virginia.

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Now for those of you who want to know the whole experience, this race was a very different from any other race I have ever run. Continue reading