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Red, White and Blue 26.2 – Quest for Iridium Leg Two
October 5, 2011, 11:31 pm
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I just ran Akron Marathon for a PR on my first sub 4 hour marathon last weekend and yet I was on the starting line for the Red, White and Blue 26.2 marathon 8 days later. What was I thinking?

At the start line it was 38°, mostly sunny and calm. So I opted for shorts and a t-shirt. I was freezing. But I knew I would be warm by mile one. The start line only had about 200 runners lined up between the marathoners, half marathoners, and relay runners. But there was a 4:00 pace group. I opted to start with them since I was unsure how I would do on this 2nd full in a week.

The 4:00 pace group starting in the cold.

The course was a double loop course, which I tend to find boring anyways. Add to that this course was in farm country and I saw lots of corn for the scenery. It was going to be a long morning.

The pacer for the 4:00 group was running about 20 secs fast per mile, this was her first time pacing. I chose to stick with the group anyways, the pace felt good and they were a very friendly talkative group that took my mind of the boring course.

Look, I'm running past corn!

My first half time came in at 1:57:24. I was actually on pace to set a PR. At the halfway mark all but one other runner in my pace group broke off to finish the half. Also the pacer exchanged with a new pacer, they each were only doing half. She came in and really stuck to the 9:09 pace.

Running with pacer 2 by a farm, what else?

Things were going good, until during mile 21. My left leg got really stiff on me. And within the next mile a pretty heavy head wind picked up. Those last 5 miles were grueling. I lost my pace completely and even had to do a little walking and stretching.

But I finished! I finish my 2nd marathon in 8 days! My final time was 4:06:45, my 2nd fastest marathon ever. I went into this one with a goal of finishing and I did it. The human body is remarkable. I was never actually sore, just stiff. By Monday I felt like I could go for a long run, but I didn’t.

So I am halfway to Iridium. Next on my schedule is the Towpath Marathon on October 9th. That will get me Silver in the Marathon Maniacs. My plan for this one is to go easy and shot for a 4:15 to make sure I have the legs left for the last one in Columbus.

Also, if you have not looked into my Goofy Challenge, please do so.

I’m a Maniac, Maniac for sure.

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Kepp going!! Cannot wait for Sunday either. No matter what, we will both finish!

Comment by Hungry in Cleveland

Way to go! Rock on.
Good luck this weekend and I’ll see you in Columbus!

Comment by Heather

Nice report PumpKing. It was fun running with you for most of the Towpath–then I blew up. Seeya soon. Good luck for your quest on more stars! Run strong in Columbus.


Comment by Mark Janosky

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