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Michael Symon’s B Spot
July 14, 2011, 8:00 am
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I love to eat. I love to eat really good food. Part of the reason I run is so I can enjoy more food. I was able to eat some of that really good food on Wednesday. My office is located near Crocker Park in Westlake, Ohio, and very often the coworkers and I run up there for some good eats at lunch time. Wednesday just happened to be the Grand Opening of Michael Symon’s (Food Network fans and Clevelanders know this name well) new location of B Spot at Crocker Park. B Spot is known for Burgers, Brats, and Beer. What more could a guy want? So we decided to head over and try to get seats.

Behold Burger Heaven!

We arrived there at about 11:50 and the wait was only 10 minutes, but the bar was empty. Now I never wait longer than I need too for food, especially on lunch break, so it was bar seats for today.

The menu was broken into Bar Snacks & Sides ($4-$7), Big Salads ($10-$12), Burgers ($6-$11), Bratwurst ($5-$6), Bologna & Others ($6-$9), and Bad **S Shakes ($5 or $8 with alcohol). Chef Symon is known for his “meat-centric” cooking, so my eyes went straight to the burgers. I am a fan of spicy food and the Red Hot Burger was right down my alley. Of course who can eat a burger without fries or onion rings, so Lola Fries were it for today.

Lola Fries & Red Hot Burger

Lola Fries were seasoned with sea salt and rosemary and served with a special ketchup blend, absolutely delicious.

Close up time Red Hot Burger

The Red Hot Burger is top with pulled pork, pickled tomato, hot peppers, pepperjack cheese and sriracha mayo. The burger was cooked to the perfect pink center that I enjoy. The toppings brought together spicy with exquisite flavor. When I go back I may have trouble ordering a different burger since this one was so delicious.

How can one experience B Spot without haveing a Bad **s Shake for dessert, and none jumped off the menu more than the most unique shake flavor I have ever heard of. And of course I had to try the Vanilla Bean Apple Pie Bacon Shake.

Yes, those are bacon bits on top of my shake.

I once found a card for my wife that read, “You’re just like bacon, you make everything better!” Who would have ever guessed it could make a shake taste so good. Since I was on lunch break I ordered the virgin shake, but bourbon can be added to this fine drink if you choose.

One of the best things about going to B Spot’s Grand Opening was that Chef Symon was there delivering food to the tables and taking the time to talk to his patrons and fans.

Pro-tip: When getting your picture taken with a celebrity, wait to talk to the celebrity till after the picture is taken or your face looks really goofy.

Chef Symon was very kind and passionate about his work, it was a blast to meet him.

B Spot was fantastic experience with very affordable pricing for food of this caliber. The environment in the restaurant is perfect for those dressed casual or dressed up. I would highly recommend everyone give this superior dining establishment a try.

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Pretty awesome that Michael Symon was there serving food!

Comment by Heather

Really jealous you met Michael Symon. I have been to all of his restaurants many times and no such luck. And bacon does make everything better 🙂

Comment by Hungry in Cleveland

Can’t wait to eat there! Cleveland trip the end of this month!

Comment by Sarah BB

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