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May 27, 2011, 8:37 pm
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Last fall I qualified for Bronze level Marathon Maniacs by running 2 marathon in 16 days. I had not planned for this, I did it on a whim. I ran the Akron Marathon with the 5 hour pacer Dana Casanave. She was running her 36th marathon in 36 weeks, and working towards 52 in 52 weeks. Until I met Dana, I was going to run Akron and follow it up with the Towpath Half Marathon. But I felt good after Akron.And for the 2 weeks till my half, I had what Dana was doing on my mind. So at the expo for the race I transferred my entry to the full marathon and Marathon Maniac #3077 came to be.

Running friends Terri and Christine with Dana Casanave and myself after the 2010 Akron Marathon.

Running friends Terri and Christine with Dana Casanave and myself after the 2010 Akron Marathon.

Now most Maniacs are always planning there next marathon or ultra, but not me. I was planning on the expected arrival of twins in a month and a half. I cut back on my miles and only ran 2 shorter races over the winter, Winter Run for Regis trail half and Fools Run trail 25k. My planned return to marathoning was the Cleveland Marathon. My next goal is to run 4 marathons in 23 days this fall, qualifying me for Iridium level in the Maniacs. But now I’m a Maniac and my mindset has changed.

I leave town frequently for work and family, a lot of times last minute. I find one of the first things I do when I get scheduled for a trip is to look and see if there any races nearby. It just so happens that I am going out of town unexpectedly June 3-5. So I looked up my race options for that weekend, I found some 5ks, a 10k, a 10 miler, a half and a full. Used to be I would jump on a short race right away, but now I’m a Maniac. My eyes went straight to the full marathon, the Ridge Runner Marathon at North Bend State Park in West Virginia. Sounds hilly. There is no a course map or elevation chart for this marathon, but I sent in my registration anyway. Then I looked up the reviews for the race. Three common words appeared in many reviews; scenic, hilly and brutal. Good thing I didn’t look up the reviews before I registered, I might not have, but then again, now I’m a Maniac. I looking forward to running what is most likely the one of the most scenic marathons in the county, I’ll let you know.

On the subject of Marathon Maniacs I need to give a few shout outs. First goes to Mollyberries who just qualified for the Maniacs by running Boston and the Flying Pig in a less than 16 days.

Molly and me post Maniac status at the Cleveland Marathon Expo.

Molly and me post Maniac status at the Cleveland Marathon Expo.

Next I have to give a good luck to MojaMala2 who ran Cleveland and will run Buffalo and be a Maniac before the weekend is over. And finally one to Beal88 who will join us as a Maniac this fall running my favorite way to qualify, Akron and the Towpath.

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I am a maniac just need to register and I will be all set!!!!

Comment by mojamala2

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