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Music to Motivate My Marathon
May 7, 2011, 2:27 pm
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So I am running the Cleveland Marathon in a week. My training has been superb. Everything seems to indicate not only a PR by almost an hour, but I should break that 4 hour barrier.

Now to be a marathoner you usually need to be a pretty motivated person, something I am not naturally inclined to be. So when this race gets tough, I acknowledge my flaw and intend to motivate myself through music. Some people like certain beats to run to, others like inspiration words, and some just like angry metal. I guess as a person with an eclectic music taste I can draw inspiration from any of them. So here is a list of music, a song for every mile, that I intend to have on my iPod playlist.

Mile 1: This is War, Thirty Seconds to Mars. How much better can I describe this 26.2 mile journey I am about to embark on than a physical and mental war against myself.

Mile 2: Freak on a Leash, Korn. I run marathons. I might as well acknowledge it early in the race. I am freak.

Mile 3: Gives You Hell, The All-American Rejects. I maybe a freak, but I am running a marathon. What about you?

Mile 4: Gonna Fly Now (Theme from Rocky), Bill Conti. The pack is starting to separate. The crowd will be less now. The external motivations will have decreased.  But I can do this thing.

Mile 5: I Like It, Enrique Iglesias. What can I say, sometimes you just need a guilty pleasure. But I swear I never listen to the song when I am not running.

Mile 6: Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked, Cage the Elephant. Am I wicked? I am running a marathon. Hells Yeah!

Mile 7: Du Hast, Rammstein. That bit about motivation by anger. Here it is. And who can resist anger in German?

Mile 8: No One Knows, Queens of the Stone Age. I love running to the beat of this song.

Mile 9: Uprising, Muse. One third of the way done. This is not the time to forget about the war I”m fighting.

Mile 10: Chariots of Fire, Synthesizer Syndicate. It just amuses me to run to the theme from Chariots of Fire. Doubt me. Try it, it will amuse you too.

Mile 11: Take the Long Way Home, Supertramp. If you run 26.2 miles I guarantee you love taking the long way. You get as much joy from the journey as most people get from the destination.

Mile 12: Hips Don’t Lie, Shakira. See mile 5. I promise.

Mile 13: Don’t Stop Me Now, Queen. Seriously what describes being at the halfway point of a marathon better than “Don’t stop me now, I’m having such a good time, I’m having a ball.” Plus anything that makes me think of Shaun of the Dead puts me in a good mood.

Mile 14: You’re the Best (From the Karate Kid), Joe Esposito. Talk about an sports anthem to prepare for the mental battle that is going be going on the next few miles.

Mile 15: Crazy, Gnarls Barkley. That’s what all my non-runner friends say that I am for running marathons. How crazy will they think I am at 80 when I will still be running and they have Hoverounds. Just saying.

Mile 16: Another One Bites the Dust, Queen. This is the time in the race when all my hard training pays off. I start passing those people have been running just out reach in front me. This when you see people start walking and quitting. Another one bites the dust!

Mile 17: Eye of the Tiger, Survivor. Nothing like a sports anthem to for a mile that is going to be hard!

Mile 18: I will Survive, Cake. Another tough mile, but I will survive.

Mile 19: Hurt, Johnny Cash. 19 is usually the hardest mile for me mental and physically. I need some inspiration lyrics. “I hurt myself today, to see if I could feel.” Talk about an inspiring analogy for the challenge of a marathon.

Mile 20: The Distance, Cake. Only 10k left, I can do this in my sleep. I’m going the distance. I know this song is about a race car driver, but it may just be the best running song ever written.

Mile 21: The Final Countdown, Europe. 5 miles left. Sports anthem. 5-4-3-2-1!

Mile 22: Down with the Sickness, Disturbed. Is it ever to late in the race for a little angry music.

Mile 23: I Stand Alone, Godsmack. It’s just me and the road. No one can do this for me.

Mile 24: Drive, Incubus. Does this even need an explanation?

Mile 25: Bad Romance, Lady Gaga. Again see mile 5. Side note, I can beat anyone at this song on SingStar.

Mile 26: One Thing, Finger Eleven. I would trade all for one thing right now, to finish!

Mile 26.2: Cleveland Rocks, Ian Hunter. Is there any other song to finish the Cleveland marathon at Cleveland Brown Stadium? I think not.

What music inspires you to perform during a race? Leave your comments. And good luck to everyone running the Cleveland Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k, and 5k.

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I enjoy a good mix of metal and dance music. Next weekend will be my first marathon. Good luck to you!

Comment by @Beal88 aka Matthew Beal

I was working on my marathon playlist today! I love me some angry music to run to (Eminem). And ‘you suck’ songs (King of Anything). And ‘I kick ass songs’ (f’ing Perfect). But I’m not gonna lie. My playlist also has some Glee, show tunes, latin numbers, and other embarrassing songs like Blue (da ba dee).

Good luck next weekend! If you’re aiming for sub 4, you better not see me! It’s my first, and, my current goal is to finish…upright!

Comment by kirsten

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